New Years Day

January 1st is the day of the Calendar New Year and the Naughty Festival. It is the festival that kickstarts the wheel of samsara to continue turning. Ancients believed that the measure by which you indulge in the rites of the festival determines the measure by which the wheel of samsara will turn for you. Neglect your festive duties and the status quo may maintain but no guarantee that it will get worse. Fulfill all your duties and celebrate with all your might, and the wheel of samsara turns like a well oiled machine; you can expect exciting new changes.

On January 1, things are properly upside down. Saturday, the day of the naughty satyr is a mini celebration of January 1 when we ring in the new year with the major celebration of turning things upside down, letting go for a few hours of the conventions and restrictions of society.


New Years Festival is a little bit of a Saturnalia. Anything goes as long as it contributes to a great mood-lifting festival. We say good bye to last years sorrows, we reminisce, we revisit our failures and laugh as we learn from mistakes; to help everyone learn people are teased and not allowed to forget or let slip under the radar their idiosyncrasies and their failures. After sunset, we don’t talk of that anymore. We talk about great new things, past success, hopes for the following year. We forget last year's sorrows and move on richer and better off for the experience of the year that was. We are excited about the possibilities that the new year brings and we resolve to make full use of them, to experience life and live full and authentic lives. Fine brews and distilled alcoholic drinks are popular during New Year Celebrations.


The theme is: Renewal, new starts, and the colour light green

Food: Baked dishes like pies, roasts and puddings are popular in the northern hemisphere while BBQ fish and beef with potatoes and dumplings are popular in the southern hemisphere.

Home shrine and Temple shrine: Colour light green and light salmon.

Main focus: Green Tara


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