March Equinox

An equinox occurs when the hours of days and nights are almost equal; when the duration of night equals that of daytime. From this point forward things change; seasons change and days become shorter or longer depending on your location.

March equinox usually falls on the 20th or 21st. It marks a worldwide change in living conditions for all beings from ants to humans to fish, lizards and birds.

We strive for equanimity of mind that allows angels to communicate with our souls, but we acknowledge that change is inevitable. During this festival we keep ourselves more aware of how the changes affect our neighbours on this planet. While some communities plant flowers and feed squirrels and geese, communities in another hemisphere store food and prepare for times when humans and animals alike will need access to resources. Both sides do beautiful and spiritually enriching celebrations.

The theme is:Equality of all beings, awareness of neighbours and sharing of resources.

Food:Salted fish, lettuce, and onions. Pickles and preserves. Fish soups and curried fish.

Home shrine and Temple shrine: Light pastel colours.

Main focus: White Tara


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