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September Equinox Festival

Wayist tradition always held that Iesous' human birth took place in the month of September, but we never celebrated the event. Wayists celebrate the event that happened in the Heavenly Council, when the heavenly Father blessed the Lord, bestowed upon Him the title of Avalokitesvara, and proclaimed that He and his angels descend to our realm to remain with sentient beings until all have achieved enlightenment, or in other words, until all are reborn as spiritual beings. We learned about this, the most magnificent event in human history, during the 2nd 4th Buddhist Council in Kashmir in the year 78AD as it was announced in the Lotus Sutra.

According to tradition, the 2nd 4th Buddhist Council formally started in April and ended in September. For that reason, we always held the September equinox as a remembrance day. This is the most important remembrance festival in Wayism. It is celebrated over two days; starting sunrise the day before the equinox, ending sunset the day of the equinox.

On this day, we remember our departed loved ones recent and long gone. We have learned from them, and they have passed on good things to us over the centuries. Some of our loved ones may be already be reborn in Sukhavati but others may need our positive thoughts and beautiful wishes to get through whatever they must in their soul travails. We take gifts of colourful food to places holy to us, and we leave food out for all living beings to enjoy.

The theme is: Light

We are children of the Light. The Lord is our Light on the Path. We strive toward enlightenment. We celebrate the knowledge that all sentient beings will fulfil the purpose of life and be enlightened. We give thanks to Heaven for making the Lord available to us.

Start the first day going around to many different places to leave (appropriate!) food for our neighbours so thay can all join us in celebrating this special event. Part of the fun of this is to learn who they are, where they live, and what they eat. Preperations start long before. Take the family on a drive to parks, rivers, streams, etc. Become aware again of all the other species with whom we share this precious space. Some Wayists work at nature conservancy and campaigning for more green space in cities. Many Wayists donate town and city lots to their local Wayist society or the City to be turned into parks, mostly for the benefit of our neigbours.

Picknics are popular get-togethers for families to enjoy nature and sharing space with other species.  Share with those who have less or rely on handouts. A common joke about this time of the year is that we even feed our plants “plant dessert” during the festival.


Yang-style sunshine food includes lots of fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruit. Yin-style desserts, especially moon pies (Chinese moon pie, Hindu Gujiya moon pie, Samoan half moon pie). See Lifestyle and Recipes for more information.

Home shrine and Temple shrine:

Dress the altar with yin (dark) and yang (light) colours. Fresh fruits to be consumed afterwards. Fresh bright flowers.

Tanghka Fascilitator of The Way.

In our meditations we remind our ancestors that the Lord is the Saviour of all humankind and we implore them to reach out and allow the Lord and His angels to minister to them.

Main focus: Avalokitesvara



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