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December 22, ~25th, 31st and January 1st

This period is the most celebratory of Wayist times because up to four different festivals are celebrated over a ten day period. First comes December Solstice celebration (22 Dec), which for many is followed by celebrating Christmas (25 Dec) with Christian friends or opening your home to non-Christian friends or other persons likely to be lonely on that day, which is followed by the Celestial New Years Eve celebration (31st Dec), which is immediately followed by New Years Day celebrations.

December Solstice Celebration

On the December solstice we celebrate the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night for some and the reverse for others around the world. It is a time of contrasts, opposites and hope. It is the first festival day in a series of spiritually important festivals that will continue to the next year.

We embrace the awareness of the ever-approaching end of things, as all things come to an end. We get the boxes of decorations out for the festive season and we take time to ensure that those beings with whom we share space in our yard, our city and towns are being cared for appropriately. In predominantly Christian communities we reach out to people whom we know may be lonely on Christmas day, and we invite them over for lunch and dinner on that day.

We renew our awareness of the significance and presence of our Father in Heaven in our lives, and we resolve to imitate the giving, caring and loving aspects of our Lord.

This is an event for family and friends to be together in peace.

The theme is: Opposites, renewal and reversal

Food: Piquant foods. Not pungent, not tamas, just piquant and delightful. A taste sensation and food appreciation day.

Home shrine and Temple shrine: Sukhavati Dharani. Namo Amitabha.

Main focus on: Amithaba


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