St. Xenophon Library - Member of Association of Wayist Organisations for advancement of the yoga of Jesus from Kashmir, Tibet and India. St. Xenophon was a student of St. Thomas in 1st century India and is mentioned in the Acts of Thomas as one of India's first initiated Teachers in Wayist Tradition.



St. Xenophon Library is an online repositry of ANCIENT and CONTEMPORARY Wayist Holy Scriptures, Devotionals and Reference Material.


Xenophon Wayist Training Center currently has various practicum assignments for credit toward your diploma or degree, site undergoing recnstrtion

Wayism/ a contemporary learning resource for Wayists



St. Xenophon Library is attached to St. Xenophon Seminary, formerly in Srinigar, India, now moving to Ontario, Canada.







Work on this library is made possible by the contributions of members worldwide.
If you would like to join the team and help to get material ready for online publication, please contact us library*
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